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The Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MAH) in its quest to continue with its mission to advocate for, defend, promote and support Haitian Cinema is requesting the assistance of Highly qualified Professionals who can join its vast network of volunteers who have labored over the past 6 years to sustain our mission and work. Learn more about the opportunities.

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The 2016 Haiti Movie Awards Pictures are now available to view

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Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH)
1295 River St, Suite B
Hyde Park-MA 02136
Tel: 617-208-7007
Email: contact@mpahaiti.org

MPAH Appoints Ambassadors for International Representation


Boston-MA 3/26/16 – The Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH) has appointed several prominent individuals as MPAH Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will assume various responsibilities including but not limited to:

- Representing MPAH in official capacities
- Conducting Interviews on behalf of the organization

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02/15/2016 10:00

Cultural programming can be a powerful tool to help young people make sense of the challenges they face; meaningful experiences in the arts, humanities and sciences can help foster positive growth that is essential to becoming a successful adult.

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The Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc. seeks to advocate for the welfare of the Haitian Filmmakers, provide opportunities for low-income youth to further develop their creative skills and talents in arts, thereby educating them about the arts of filmmaking, and assist Haitian American filmmakers to market their finish products on the International Community.

One of our most important goals is to produce short films documentary to educate the community on those specifics issues:
Domestic Violence

MPAH Partners up with International Flix, Inc


Motion Picture Association of Haiti is pleased to announce a partnership with International Flix, Inc a multinational video streaming platform that will distribute Haitian movies, TV series, and video shows to millions of people around the world. This platform will allow you to watch the best quality from your home country through multiple supported devices such as Roku, Android tablets, Apple’s iPad, and Smart TV.


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