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Volunteer Opportunities Available

Volunteer Opportunities Available! If you're looking to get some new work experience or just want to be part of the team check out our listings below.

The Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MAH) in its quest to continue with its mission to advocate for, defend, promote and support the Haitian Cinema is requesting the assistance of highly qualified Professionals who can join its vast network of volunteers who have labored over the past 10 years to sustain our mission and work.

Kindly respond to the following job descriptions by submitting a l memorandum of intent for consideration to: /


The MPAH / Vice President for Sales and Fundraising is primarily responsible for all MPAH fundraising activities. This person will establish fundraising development targets to meet the organization’s fiscal objectives. The successful candidate is responsible for developing strategic plans based on MPAH’S goals that will promote and sustain good fiscal health. He or she will create a culture of fiduciary responsibility while interfacing with other MPAH officials.

• Primary responsible for the development and execution of all funding proposals; write and archive all proposals with a long-term relationship-management approach
• Monitor all donor information; provide and present statistical analysis to board and Executive Committee
• Develop and implement a stewardship program aimed at cultivating deeper ties with sponsors
• Create and maintain an organizational “Funding Development Plan”
• Research grant opportunities and write grants where appropriate
• Monitor and report on current grants
• Focus on various types of fundraising opportunities including, but not limited to,
• reoccurring individual giving
• major donor appeals
• implementation and maintenance of a planned giving program
• corporate giving
• sponsorships
• merchandise and ticket sales

• Demonstrated success in fundraising and grant acquisition.
• Grant development function (managing and forging relationships with multiple sponsor sources)
• Several years of professional experience in a nonprofit organization;
• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral; ability to influence and engage a wide range of donors and build long-term relationships
• Strong organizational skills and a keen ability to work with others
• Capacity to construct, articulates, and implement annual strategic development plan
• High energy and passion for the MPAH's mission
• A professional and resourceful style; the facility to work independently and as a team player and in a culturally diverse environment.
• Fluent and conversant in all fiscal matters including the use of budget software.
• Manage budgets.


The MPAH / Vice President for Recruitment and Volunteers is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the recruitment process. He or she will recruit volunteers and all in-kind staff. This person acts as a main point of contact for all potential volunteers. He or she will establish a comprehensive volunteer database that will list their particular skills and expertise. He or she is responsible to staff all MPAH projects as necessary. He or she will interface with other MPAH VPs and negotiate staffing needs and other matters. The successful candidate will lead, manage, support and develop various teams that will work within the confine of MPAH’s mission.

• Establishes recruitment processes based on MPAH’s operational needs.
• Builds applicant database through research and interaction with local stakeholders.
• Develop and maintain contact with area colleges and universities, employment agencies, and other placement entities such as job training programs.
• Maintain an active MPAH presence by participating in local fairs and other functions.
• Evaluates applicants qualifications though interviews, analysis, references.
• Create and execute volunteer contracts
• Interface with other MPAH VPs to supply their staffing needs.
• Develop sustained protocols for volunteer evaluation, engagement, support and recognition
• Handle all volunteer related conflicts.


• Demonstrated experience in human resources management
• Expertise in staff training, development and recognition
• Ability to delegate and evaluate time/task balance
• Excellent communicator.
• Great verbal and listening skills
• Strong emotional intelligence
• Able to work well under stress
• Proficient in Microsoft office and other software.


The MPAH / Vice President of Public Relations and Promotion will develop a state of the art communications plan for MPAH. He or she will directly manage all communications activities that promote, enhance, and protect the organization's brand and reputation. This individual will be the main ambassador for the organization. He or she will create constant visibility through all platforms including social and traditional media. He or she will devise strategies to work with out of state MPAH Ambassadors to promote the work of the organization. He or she will take charge of the re-launch of “ Haitian Movies Projection” in Boston.


• Serve as the spokesperson for MPAH to all media and organizations
• Actively engage, cultivate and manage press relationships to ensure maximum coverage surrounding MPAH’s programs, special events, public announcements, and other projects.
• Develop strategies and protocols that will further the PR needs of MPAH
• Develop “brand templates” which will create quick visibility for the organization.
• Oversee the day-to-day activities of all communications function including supervision and follow up.
• Will create protocols for interacting with MPAH Ambassadors stationed out of state and out of the country.


• Experience in journalism, communications, or related field
• Extensive writing and editing experience with a variety of print and online communication platforms.
• Strong familiarity with respective local ethnic media across Massachusetts and other States.
• Creative and thoughtful with respect to media and technology
• Strong knowledge and experience using all social media for PR purposes
• Demonstrated experience and leadership in managing a comprehensive strategic communications, media relations, and marketing program to advance an organization's mission and goals
• Bilingual in English and French or Haitian Creole is a plus


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