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Haiti Movie Awards Annual Event

Once a year, The Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH) comes together with various businesses, civic leaders, renowned Haitian actors, and Hollywood actors of Haitian descent to celebrate the advancement of Haitian Art, specifically the Haitian Movie industry.
The purpose of the ceremony is to honor the hard work of historically important artists that have been an essential cornerstone in shaping the Haitian movie industry. We also reward the current efforts of the vibrant talents in the Haitian movie industry today.

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Low-cost access To Video Equipments

Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc. cultural and educational programs uses a theme-based, interdisciplinary curriculum to help immigrants and non-immigrants and other low income at-risk, disadvantaged children and youth in Boston

The communities we are serving are low-income and disadvantaged. Since 2008 we’ve been providing technical assistance to the local Haitian American filmmakers such as low-cost access to video cameras and post production editing suites, training and marketing of their products in the International community.

To join or get more info about this program contact MPAH, Inc

Video and Filmmaking Summer Program for Youth

Explore the exciting field of digital filmmaking in this hands-on, two-week summer program that combines the craft of

traditional storytelling with the latest production techniques. You’ll learn how to use digital camera and sound equipment,
as well as Adobe Premiere CS5 post-production software. Combining your creativity with your personal experiences,
you’ll tell a story on film, as your film crew conceives, plans, shoots, and edits a short digital film.

Students will cover the basics of digital film and board sound, working hands-on from day one. Working individually and
in groups on free shot projects, interviews and indoor and outdoor location shoots, all days will combine both field work
and critique. Camera control issues like tilts, pans and height will be covered, as well as writing time. On the last day
of the workshop, students will screen the finished projects for friends and family. No previous filmmaking experience
required – but a passion for storytelling is a must!


Low-income, at-risk, disadvantaged youth will be able to direct and produce their own documentary film and feature.

However, the video and filmmaking learning center will

 Helps to improve and enhance Intellectual and Emotional Intelligences of the disadvantaged youth, the two factors that lead to Success.
 For the youth the “video and filmmaking learning center” will improve their organizing & higher order skills, creativity, self-assessment, flexible thinking, and toleration of ambiguity.

 As for the components of Emotional Intelligence, These video and filmmaking classes will have a positive effect on all of them: Self-awareness, Mood Management, Self-motivation, Impulse Control, and People Skills. They will learn to identify their emotions, to use them appropriately and escape foul moods, they will learn to work with an intrinsic motivation that follows their feelings of accomplishment and success, they will manage to regulate their emotions and impose self-discipline, and, finally, they acquire empathy and warmth.

 They will become visually literate and expressive at a level consistent with their
Intellectual, emotional and physical development. To reach their potential for visual expression, students:

Apply reading, writing and verbal skills, use mathematics as a tool for understanding time, space and quantity integrate learning from other subject areas and explore a discrete body of knowledge about the art discipline that entails facts, concepts and skills.

Anti-Piracy Program

Copyright infringement (or copyright violation) is the unauthorized or prohibited use of works covered by copyright law, in a way that violates one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works.

Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc take piracy seriously and one of our goals is to protect and defend the rights of the Haitian or any independent writers, directors, actors and other specialists in the field of filmmaking.

Playing Haitian movies on your web site without proper authorization is a copyright violation.We have develop a unit to help fight this disease in the Haitian Movie Industry.

If you want help , if your rights have been violated contact us
we will be more than happy to help you.


List of Web sites or Livestream Channels Shutdown by MPAH

Teleboston channel on Livestream

Rtclive channel on Livestream

Bamboch TV
On September 18th, 2009, the MPAH shut down Bamboch TV for playing illegally the movie San Papye which is distributed by MPAH/Win Win Distribution.

TV Kreyol Channel on Livestream
On Sunday March 21st, 2010, The Motion Picture Association of Haiti shut down TV Kreyol, another popular online streaming channel on that was playing Randevou Avek Lanmo - which is also distributed by MPAH/Win Win Distribution.

Channel Haiti_Pal on Livestream
April 26, 2010, it has been busted by The Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH) for playing illegally on their web site the movie ” San Papye“, which is distributed by MPAH / Win Win Distribution System.

And many more...
Report Piracy online or in the stores
Click here to reports (we will keep your information private)



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