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MPAH Youth Film Program

By administrator - Posted on 29 November 2015

02/15/2016 10:00

Cultural programming can be a powerful tool to help young people make sense of the challenges they face; meaningful experiences in the arts, humanities and sciences can help foster positive growth that is essential to becoming a successful adult.

MPAH programs enable young people to develop stable relationships with caring and professional adult mentors and role models. These programs also offer opportunities for youth to engage in positive interactions with their peers. Our Youth Film Program will create opportunities for young people to further develop their creative skills and talents in arts.

The MPAH Youth Film Program will train youth in the art of filmmaking, teach them about video editing, cinematography and directing, thereby provide them with the necessary tools to be engaged as filmmakers, editors, or videographers.

A special Thanks to the following people for supporting our program :

  • Falia Justima
  • Tirf Alexius
  • Perri Pierre
  • Remoh Romeo
  • Cassandra Thibeault
  • Karm Syndia
  • Joel Telisma
  • Lukes Chery
  • Katie Moleus
  • Leon David
  • Brunir Shackleton
  • Karm Syndia Augustin
  • Jean Eddy Moise
  • Harold Marius
  • Adele Jean Joseph
  • Hans Patrick Domercant

Donate Through Guide Star. Please click on the banner below:

You can also donate Used Video equipment or Computers to our cause
We are looking for Mac computers or PCs in good working condition with these minimum specifications:
• Processor: 2.8 GHz
• Memory: 4 GB
• Hard Drive: 300 GB
If you’re interested in donating a computer that meets these specifications or a video camera , please send us an email at or fill out this form at We’ll put that computer or video camera to good use, and you can receive a tax deduction!

1. Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc is an all-volunteer non-profit.
2. Donations to the Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc, no matter how small,
will make a BIG difference.

Other Ways to Donate

Donate Time
Volunteer either at our studio/office or from your home. We are in constant need of help with our administrative, outreach, and even production efforts.

Donate Books
Contact us to make a tax-exempt Books donation.


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